Blending melted dark chocolate in a light grey ceramic bowl

It happens so often. We turn microwave at the highest heat to just reheat our food, and go away to finish something else. When you come back the food has heated too much or is overcooked.

This happens mostly due to how microwave works. When in microwave, chocolate heats unevenly. As most chocolates have cocoa butter, butter will heat faster than the other ingredients. The outcome is a burnt chocolate on edges and top and the taste of chocolate burnt spreads all over the other pieces.

Here you will find a simple but effective way to melt dark or milk chocolate in the microwave without burning. As lots of healthy cakes and desserts require chocolate melted, including the chocolate flourless cake recipe, it is really handy to learn how to melt chocolate in a fast way without burning it.

What is the secret to melt chocolate in microwave without burning?

There is no secret really. There are just a few hints.

First, you have to break dark chocolate bar in equal-size pieces.

Second, microwave it in two phases, at the lowest heat.

The lowest heat level depends on the model of your microwave. In my case, I have a super old microwave model. The right level of heat in my model is Low right under Defrost.

Ingredients and Method

dark chocolate broken in equal piece sizes to melt in microwave

Step 1

  • 150 g dark chocolate
  • Break chocolate bar in equal-size pieces and put in a ceramic or glass pot. I prefer ceramic as in the photo.
photo of lowest microwave heat

Step 2

  • Choose the lowest temperature in the microwave, as shown. In the model I have it’s Low, under Defrost.
  • Microwave pieces of chocolate for 4 minutes. Open and verify the texture.
chocolate melting taken from microwave

Step 3

  • In case there are a lot of pieces which look solid, return to microwave for 3 minutes more and verify again.
  • At this point all pieces edges are melting, as shown by the yellow arrows.
Blending melted dark chocolate in a light grey ceramic bowl

Step 4

  • Next you will finish the melting process by hand by gently blending chocolate from the bottom with those on top that still looks a bit solid. The heat from the bottom chocolate will finish melting all pieces.

It is ready! VoilĂ .

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